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Re: brute force ssh attack

Matthew Miller wrote:
On Thu, Apr 28, 2005 at 09:41:17AM +0100, Nigel Wade wrote:

For a virus to be viable it has to be communicable. In this instance the virus required manual "injection". Hence the 0-49 infections in 3 years, and the virutally zero threat.

But it wasn't quite manual -- happened through sloppy practices. This is
somewhat akin to saying that STDs are ~0 threat -- true, but only if you
follow safe procedures. :)

It was completely manual, the virus didn't install itself. It was injected by someone breaking in via ssh and then manually downloading an infected file. It's not like a STD, it's like a virus which can only be spread by direct injection.

Where are you getting your "0-49" number from?

That's the number of infections quoted by Symantec.

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