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Re: OO Object Bar - FC2

David Curry said:
> Jonathan Allen wrote:
> >I'm having trouble with the Open Office Writer Object bar.  I went for
> >the bullet-list button but clicked something, and the object bar disappeared.
> >If I click View->Toolbars and click Object Bar, instead of replacing the
> >object bar at the top of the window, it insists upon opening a new window
> >with the bar in.  I have tried closing and re-opening all the other bars
> >and they seem to come and go correctly around the document window, but I
> >can't seem to find anything that will fix the Object Bar.  Any ideas ?
> Position your cursor on the tool bar, right click, and select object bar 
> from the popup menu.

Thank you for your suggestion.  When I do this, instead of bringing the
object bar back onto the main OO window, it opens it as a separate window
on the desktop.  The buttons in it work and do what you would expect, but
it is a totally separate window and can be moved or copied to the other
workspaces and so on.

Any other ideas to actually get it back as part of the main OO Writer window ?


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