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Re: FC3 install hangs "reading package info"

Terry Polzin wrote:
I admit it, I'm not up2date with new hardware issues and I believe that this is one. I've just built a new machine with a 2.8ghz processor 256mb RAM 50g HD etc 16x DVD +- RW. All the latest hardware.

Now I've installed enough systems and this is the first time I've seen something like this. It makes no difference if the install media is CD or DVD, the install hangs while reading package info or after (maybe while) formatting the partitions.

I've tried using the noidedma option at boot and that doesn't appear to help.

Nothing on the F3 or F4 screens seem to indicate a problem, running top on F2 shows anaconda running merrily.

What additional diagnostic information do I need to provide?



Have you got any USB devices plugged in? My USB printers and a PDA cradle all caused FC3 install to hang on an ASUS A7N8X at home.

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