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Re: [Fedora] Re: Bible referers?

Doug Stewart wrote:

If that's a hit on a blog site, it's probably a comment spammer. I've seen them beginning to use either really sophomoric philosophy statements or Bible verses as the body of their "comments" in order to try to slip Texas Hold 'em links past my SpamKarma filters. Good thing SK catches 'em all... *grin*

Nope, it wasn't. It's showing up across several of my virtual sites now, none of them being a blog nor running any CMS or other blog software. Not that it bothers me or anything, but I found it interesting to be coming from several different IP addresses (from totally different networks.) That's why I was wondering if it's a virus that's infecting people and then try to drum up business for the web site in the referrer line or if they have some sort of distributed network that's spamming everything they can find.

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