Graphic problems on new installation of FC4

Anil Kumar Sharma xplusaks at
Thu Dec 1 06:02:16 UTC 2005

First observation is that, where it becomes hot, one can not feel, so use
some software (sensors) to check temperatures.
Second check CPU and other temperatures from bios (if available on this
presumably old hardware), before starting (cold) and compare to just at
restart after reset/reboot from locked status(again in bios) .
Third, If the hard disc is old, have a scan or other HDD diagnostics.

And finally operational tests, like after boot into graphic mode
1. do nothing i.e.all screen saver & power save etc switched off.
2. continuous single programme usage e.g. some screen saver involving CPU
load, but no power save.
3. light (CPU load) usage but lots of hard disk activity accessing lots of
files here and there by running various installed programmes and making
then deleting copies of directories etc.

this way U may be able to isolate the problem between hard disk or other
hardware problems.
On 11/30/05, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at> wrote:
> I just replaced Win98 with Fedora Core 4 on a friends' computer: AMD
> 550, 128MB RAM. Now, he can work for a limited amount of time (between
> 20-150 minutes), then the computer gets stuck. Not even the mouse
> works. He can, however, switch to a console with CTR-ALT-F1.
> When restarted, there is no graphical mode, only console. If he lets
> the computer sit for a few hours, he can boot up a graphical screen,
> but after some time the problem reoccurs. Nothing in the computer
> (open case) seems unusually hot, which was my first thought.
> Any ideas on where to look? Thank you.
> Dotan Cohen
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