ReiserFS & EXT2/3 issues

Sergey mafia_rgd at
Thu Dec 1 12:01:43 UTC 2005

I googled for a while to get advantages of using ext2/3 and reiserfs, and 
found amazing stuff. Reiser appears to be much better in performance and 
trouble-shooting, including so called 'pilot error' too. Who mentioned that 
you have to pay for support? Ok, you've got to. But this only applies to 
general support - fixing bugs is in interest of developers, look in its utils 

It's for sure that the final decision is up to you. As for me, I choose 
reiser. I will post any issues I will deal with while using reiser. Ext3 has 
failed and that is it! I can not afford to let it fail again - it's too 

Verified: Fedora installer (anaconda) installs to reiser well, without any 
problems. You just have to mkreiserfs prior to installation, and choose do 
NOT format a partition during install.


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Subject: Re: ReiserFS & EXT2/3 issues
Date: Thursday 01 December 2005 13:38

>Mike McGrath wrote:
>> I use reiserfs and love it.  I wish RedHat would be more open to using
>> it, not even including it in the install seems a bit much to me.  Though
>> I think you can install with reiserfs if you do a linux reiserfs while
>> booting from the CD, I haven't tested it.
>The problem is "how many questions do you want there to be in the
>A lot of the work going into Fedora (and desktop Linux in general) is
>aimed at making it much easier for "non-techies", for want of a better
>word, to use. The idea is that some questions are inevitable, but they
>should be things that only the user can be expected to know (like their
>name and which ISP they're using).
>Questions (or options) that relate to the way the *internals* of the
>machine behave mean new users will be asked to think about something
>they're not familiar with (so they'll think the install is hard). Note
>that documentation isn't the answer: it enables them to answer
>questions, it can't make the Right Answer immediately obvious.
>I'm sorry that the Original Poster had problems with his ext3
>installation (did he change the way it was listed in /etc/fstab?) I've
>heard of very few problems with ext3 (and about as many with reiserfs),
>and many of them turned out to be "pilot error".
>For most users, it's simpler for Fedora to make the choice for them.
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