Running a 64bit and 32bit fedora at the same time

Gilboa Davara gilboada at
Thu Dec 1 13:24:31 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-12-01 at 09:14 +0100, Harald Grossauer wrote:
> I have an Athlon64 system with FC4-x86_64 running. For several reasons I
> also would like to have a FC3_i386 system running at the same time. How
> can I do that?
> I tried to use Xen (the 3.0-unstable-x86_64) but it did not work (could
> not find my root partition after the xen kernel was loaded, probably due
> to missing SATA support in the kernel). Neither could I compile Xen-2.7
> myself (gcc4 complained about a struct with unkown length, gcc32 issued
> a warning which is treated as an error in by the xen Makefiles).
> So I created an ext3 filesystem in an ordinary file and mounted it. Then
> I thought I could install FC3_i386 into that file so that I later can
> chroot into it. But since the installer (autorun) of FC3_i386 needs to
> be root I am afraid that it messes up my currently runnning system.
> Do you have some links, help or additional information for me?

OT question:
>From where did you find Xen 3.0 x86-64 tools (and kernel) for FC4?
AFAIK Xen is only supported (both host and guest) under i386.


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