ID Numbering in Group and Passwd

Robin Laing Robin.Laing at
Thu Dec 1 15:32:54 UTC 2005

Dave Brown wrote:
> Aaaah, now i see what you're getting at :o) You explained it pretty 
> well, I just didnt cotton on to the fact that you were using 60,000 as 
> an arbitrary number. I spose we'll have to wait and see how the RFE goes 
> - hopefully there is some sort of solution implemented whether its the 
> high / low stuff or the uniqueness or something else Redhat come up with.

Sometimes I have a problem explaining things without using pictures. 
I am a visual type of person.

Glad that I wiped some of the mud off of the description.  I just 
think it would be neater and easier to do it this way than having 
multiple holes in the UID.

As with any suggestion, it can be accepted, modified or denied.  But 
if you don't suggest, it cannot be fixed.


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