ReiserFS & EXT2/3

Ian Malone ibm21 at
Thu Dec 1 19:36:55 UTC 2005

Mike McCarty wrote:

> Matthew Miller wrote:
>> On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 11:36:21AM -0600, Mike McCarty wrote:

>>>Possibly because he did not file one.
>>>BTW, why do you presume to place such a responsibility on him?

>> You know a bug, you want it fixed, you file a bug report. Even with the best
>> intentions, it's hard for developers to keep track of things things from
>> outside of the system -- that's why there *is* a system.
> I don't see where he ever said he wanted ext3 fixed, so I don't
> see where he has any obligation to file a defect report.
> I have been a developer myself since 1980, so I think I know
> why defect tracking systems exist.

Correct, the OP did not express a desire to have it fixed.
Paradoxically the OP expressed an interest in having a stable
file system.  If you really care about having something work
well it's in your interest to particpate in the development
process, even if that only means giving a little feedback.
The alternative when you meet a bug is to label the software
as having failed and move onto something else, but that
approach is eventually going to be exhausted.


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