Automatic email relay agent?

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Am Do, den 01.12.2005 schrieb Hongwei Li um 23:07:

> >

> Below is quoted from the above web site:
> "NOTE: If your Internet Service Provider blocks SMTP traffic using Port 25,
> you must configure your email client to use Port 587 instead. Some ISPs block
> Port 25 in an attempt to reduce spam and viruses. The CSL has made Port 587 (a
> reserved port for email message submission) available for authenticated SMTP.
> Please see configuration information for your specific email client below..."
> The Symantec Antivirus checks port 25 for outgoing emails.  So, if we could
> set port 587 for smtp on the server side, then it may work with symentac
> antivirus.  Is it true?  If yes, how to set the port 587 on the server side
> for smtp?  Will that work anyway?

> Hongwei

The Norton Antivirus application which is a desktop application AFAIK
does not distinguish between the ports. But maybe that changed
meanwhile. Just test it.

DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=submission, Name=MSA, M=Ea')dnl

in enables the submission agent with authentication
enforcement. I guess you have


set - recommended - and thus the normal (not requiring auth) MSA
disabled. Setting the DAEMON_OPTIONS for the MSA be sure you have too


set - either this way or when restricting to specific IP, then several
lines of that with IP specification where 1 is for


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