adsl internet connection problem with 2 network cards

gary garys at
Fri Dec 2 07:50:07 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-12-02 at 14:19 +0800, yufan wrote:
> buddies,
> my box has 2 network of them is connected to a external adsl
> modem.i just installed fedora in this new com and now i am trying to
> connect to internet through the adsl and use the other card to share
> this connection with my another com.however,i cannot surf even after i
> configure the PPPoe and activate the connection.what's goes wrong or
> could someone just tell me how to figure this thing out?thanks in
> advance.
> yufan

Have no idea how you'll deal with two cards - but if you need to setup
adsl - to be safe first open network device control and remove (delete)
all devices you've previously created - Then open a terminal and run 
adsl-setup -  perhaps one card will be eth0 - the other eth1 ?

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