Giving back for the holidays

Chris Norman cnorman at
Fri Dec 2 08:30:52 UTC 2005

I think the guys at Speakup (www.linux-speakup.ort) would be greatful,
don't know if they have paypal or anything though.


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Over the last two years Fedora has solved some problems for me quickly 
and easily. Prior to using Fedora, I bought and used a RedHat box set 
once or twice a year since around RedHat 4.

I'm going to donate $250 across one or more open source projects this 
month. The Kadischi LiveCD and Sourceforge Unichrome projects helped me 
out a lot, but neither have paypal or donations.

Does anyone have opinions on what developers or projects were unusually 
helpful to Fedora over the last year or two, and have some means of 
accepting donations?


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