settings at aMule (with Conceptronic router)

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Fri Dec 2 12:23:50 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-12-02 at 09:35 +0000, Joao Paulo Pires wrote:
> This wk I set up directly on Conceptronic Router (C54RU...). I
> followed instructions at site . First I
> got IP, then on router I enabled port forwarding and set up the three
> ports and put IP. But when I restarted I got another IP, then I got
> again LowID. Any help? Best regards, Joao.

This is generic information, as I don't know your router, nor do I use
aMule.  But I would have restarted the router (if it requires you to),
*THEN* attempt to start up the file sharing client.  You'd have your
network ready, then, for it to do its tricks.

You might want to try probing your system from the outside, to see if
that port is open.  Try the service at <>, but don't
pay too much attention to the snakeoil pitch, you're only interested in
finding out whether your ports are open or closed to the outside world.

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