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Ali Helmy alihelmy at
Fri Dec 2 14:33:39 UTC 2005

Hey James,

Thanks alot for your reply, but I just wanted to ask a small question about
one thing, in the end you said *"You will, of course, need some unformatted
space or an unused partition on the hard drive into which you can install
Fedora. Free space in C:\ won't do."*

 What does that mean? do you mean I HAVE to create a new partition? I mean i
have already around 6GBs of free memory on the C partition, and that is the
only partition I have... Do i have to re-align these 6 gigs to be a new
partition on their own? Can't linux installation just manage it and do the
work (ie: create partition, format and install) or do i have to do that
One more question, if i do have to do the above mentioned manually, any
ideas how i can do it without losing the rest of the data on the partition,
ie without losing the data other than the 6 gigs?


A. Helmy
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