Install method question for FC5

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Fri Dec 2 15:52:31 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-12-02 at 21:02 +0530, Anil Kumar Sharma wrote:
> If I have say FC4 CD's, using this to boot, I arrive up to
> 'Installation method' prompt and lead it to iso images of FC5 (when
> available) on HDD partition FAT32,   will this work?

Probably not.  I've found prior versions of Fedora install routines
won't run the next.

i.e. I can't start a FC4 installation from an FC3 install boot disc.

Simplish solution:  As well as the installation ISOs, you can download
smaller rescue ISOs (for the same version of Fedora).  You can run the
install from them.

But anyway, if you've already downloaded FC5 ISOs, why not use the first
disc to boot from.  You can still do the installation from the ISOs on a
hard drive, rather than from the CD, if you'd prefer to speed things up.
> Alternatively 
> I have FC4 up and running, I get FC5 images (when available) and put
> them on HDD lets say anywhere accessible to FC4 (exclude NTFS), can a
> clean / fresh setup of FC5 be initiated from within FC4, on free space
> available on HDD (to give multi-boot). -no way - is it!

The installs don't run from within the OS, you boot up the computer off
something else (a bootable installation medium).  Unless FC5 does things
radically different from prior releases.

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