FC3 rpm of Skype on FC4

gf durin gdurin at tele2.it
Fri Dec 2 16:48:24 UTC 2005

Paul Smith wrote:
> Dear All
> Does the rpm of Skype (online at its website) for FC3 work fine on FC4?
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul

Dear All and Paul,
I have just discovered that the FC3 rpm of skype has big problems on my 
FC4. As for Tim, I had a frequent crash of the system, given an high and 
long use of CPU at 100%. Well, last time after a 10 s of talk the 
systems crashed.
Maybe I have problems with the CPU fan (I am working to check it).

But then I have uninstalled the rpm, and used the dynamic binary 
(http://www.skype.com/go/getskype-linux-dynamic). It works very well, 
using only about 1/3 of the CPU.  I have talked 15 minutes and 
everything has been stable all the time.

Hope this helps

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