Read/write access on nfs mounted file systems (corrected subject line)

Dr. Peter Bladon cbas25 at
Fri Dec 2 20:57:45 UTC 2005

Dear colleagues,

My apologies for my previous posting where the subject line was 

I have a problem in that some of the file systems that I wish to mount 
via nfs will not do so with write permissions set.

I have acquired 4 (substantially) identical machines that I intend to 
use as a cluster (using gigabit ethernet), and also have linked to my 
other Unix (IRIX) machines (using 100Mbit ethernet).

The basic configuration of the new machines is:
 AMD64 Athlon/1Gbyte RAM/80Gbyte disk/Gigabit ethernet/.
Each machine is running Fedora Core 4 obtained from the five x86-64 iso 
discs.  I chose the option to load "everything".

The four machines are named Daffodil1, Daffodil2, Daffodil3, Daffodil4

Each of the four discs is partitioned by the loading process thus:
/dev/hda1  10 Gbytes    /               (System)
/dev/shm    5 Gbytes                    (Swapspace)
/dev/hda3  65 Gbytes    /home           (working area)

It is my wish to allow each of these four machines to be able to read 
and write
in each other's "working areas".

To this end I constructed the (relevant parts of) /etc/fstab thus:
LABEL=/home1   /home   ext3   defaults   1 2       # From the loading 
Rose:/userdisc12  /userdisc12   nfs rw,bg 0 0      # Mounting an SGI disk
Daffodil1:/home   /daffodil01   nfs rw,bg 0 0      # Added by me
Daffodil2:/home   /daffodil02   nfs rw,bg 0 0
Daffodil3:/home   /daffodil03   nfs rw,bg 0 0
Daffodil4:/home   /daffodil04   nfs rw,bg 0 0


Despite requesting that the (remote) mounts are read/write (rw) it has
proved impossible for (say) Daffodil1 to be able to write to the file system
daffodil02.  It is also not possible for daffodil1 to write to 
daffodil01 even though daffodil01 is effectively an alias for /home  on 
daffodil1. (daffodil1 can write to /home on daffodil1)

The machines (daffodil1 --- daffodil4) have no problem in writing on the 
remote mounted discs on SGI machines (e.g. /userdisc12)

What am I missing?  Is there some crucial flag that I have not set?
Is there a fundamental difference in the way that "mount" works under 

Note that machines are named Daffodil1 etc, while file systems are named 
daffodil01 etc. (extra 0). 

Any help would be appreciated.

Yours truly

Peter Bladon

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