KDE missing menu entries

Sergey mafia_rgd at mail.ru
Fri Dec 2 22:22:33 UTC 2005

KDE menu system (XDG, legacy) seems to be complicated and all messed up. 
Browsing /etc/xdg/menus/*.menu XMLs I still can't get now the menu items are 
sorted. For example,

Why Amusement applications are completely missing from KDE menu? This item 
has /usr/share/applications/kde/amor.desktop has 
Categories=Qt;KDE;Amusement;, however it is not shown anywhere. Changing 
Amusement to, for example, Utility makes it appear in menu. kteatime is 
another example.

One more. 

Amarok won't start when called from KDE multimedia control applet. Having 
spent a week I have figured out that it's started up via a dcop start call 
(seems to be so). The dcop call is performed with the app name "amarok". 
However the amarok desktop application link is "fedora-amarok", thus it can't 
be found and started. A workaround is to 
rename /usr/share/applications/kde/fedora-amarok.desktop. Now it is started 
up well.

So the question is: how do I make the lost items appear in KDE menu, without 
manually adding each.


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