Linux newbie question: problems using XDMCP to remotely start KDE session from a Windows PC

John Summerfied debian at
Fri Dec 2 22:35:27 UTC 2005

Nigel Wade wrote:
> Sundarapandian A wrote:
>> There is one more easy way of doing this. Just follow the steps below
>> 1) Make sure you have XFree86 with cygwin is installed on your XP, ssh
>> is available on XP machine <you can use telnet also>, X server is
>> running on linux/unix host, sshd is running on linux/unix host.
>> 2) Make sure your <cygwin dir>/usr/X11R6/bin is specified in PATH then
>> start X Windows using the command "XWin.exe -fullscreen -clipboard
>> -unixkill -nowinkill"
>> 3) Now you will get XWindows sceen without any applications or window
>> (You can use ALT+TAB to switch between windows and XWindows)
>> 4) Start xterm on your XP machine (terminal will appear on xwindow 
>> screen)
>> 5) On the command prompt of xterm say "xhost <linux/unix server name 
>> or IP>"
>> 6) Now on xterm type the command "ssh <username at linux/unix
>> servername>" enter password to complete the login
>> 7) On the xterm now type "export DISPLAY=<windows XP hostname/IP>:0.0
>> 8) Now on xterm execute "startkde &"
>> 9) Boooom!! now you'll see KDE on your XP machine!!!!
> Boooom!! - anyone else who can login to your Linux box can see 
> everything you do, and type. Only do this if security isn't an issue for 
> you.
How is this Nigel?
Can you suggest a better way, and explain why it's better?



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