Sylpheed-Claws: how to continue getting a mail from a connection break?

John Summerfied debian at
Fri Dec 2 22:38:57 UTC 2005

Strong wrote:
> Sometimes when getting my mail from a server, the last one breaks the
> connection so that after some time when I try to get it again, the
> Sylpheed-Claws-1.9.15-1.fc4 gets the downloaded messages again. I want
> to reduce the traffic, so don't want that that be the case. Tell me
> please how I can do that? Thank You.
The pop3 protocol requires deletes not be done until you end your session.

fetchmail has the ability to "checkpoint" by closing and reopening at 
regular intervals. This may be a useful workaround.

Note that this itself imposes delays.



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