To upgrade, or not to upgrade? Fc3 to FC4

Sergey mafia_rgd at
Fri Dec 2 23:34:49 UTC 2005

I have upgraded from fc3 to fc4 without any difficulties. First I installed 
fedora-release-4-2 rpm so that /etc/yum.repos.d was updated with the fc4 repo 
locations. Then I just run # yum upgrade and that was it. You can root the 
installer from fc4 CD and choose upgrade system. I don't think you need a 
"clean" installation of fc3 - that would no make sense.

However I have experienced problems caused by implement of python 2.4, so 
check that none of your programs need python 2.3.

To avoid problems with GCC4 you would probably want to install the 
compat-gcc-32-* packages, which provide the backward compatibility.

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>Well, I have been using fc3 since its final debut, and I love it.  But, now
>that IBM has released the Cell SDK for FC4... I have to consider it.
>I know I can use yum to update, but, how does that compare to a fresh
>install?  I know with windows, doing an upgrade is, well... pretty crappy.
>But, i am unfamiliar with how linux works to this respect.
>And... I had problems with gcc 4... is this something I can fix in the code?
>    I had problems compiling things on fc4 when they worked fine on fc3 the
>last time I tried it on a seperate partition.
>I've been using fedora since the first release and always wondered about:
>would I upgrade or do a fresh install.
>>From FC1 to FC2 I upgraded and it unfortunately failed by a reason I still
>do not know, so I did a fresh install.
>>From FC2 to FC3 to FC4 I used and upgrade, always with a backup made before
>the upgrade to recover from a failed upgrade. Fortunately I never had to use
>the backup. I did need to repair some config files after the upgrade, but
>that was easy to do compared with fully configure a new server to your
>Upgrade with a fresh backup is my recommendation. ( I never used yum to
>upgrade, just the cd's )

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