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James Wilkinson fedora at
Sat Dec 3 13:14:26 UTC 2005

Anil Kumar Sharma wrote:
> U C this is all legacy talk, no more relevant in present day world.
>   Now days One can have two 160 GB HDD at the same value of money.
> Even if U try it today all your files use fat32 standard including swap in
> which case U may struggle getting a contagious file.

Hmm. I don't think "contagious" means what you think it means. Try

I don't see the point of these sentences, either. Windows won't format
partitions with FAT32 beynd 32 GB, as far as I know. More to the point,
fragmentation may affect file performace, but if you're mounting a
filesystem from a large file, it doesn't have to be contiguous: both
Windows and Linux can deal with that for you.
> Yes I remember having once used some very old (1996 or 1997) flavour of
> Redhat on fat,

> because at that time HDD space was as short as 1GB or less
> and playing with partitions was an illegal game.

Ouch! Illegal? Where on earth do you live?

I remember that time, too. Playing with partitions hasn't changed that

And, to be honest, I doubt it was Red Hat itself. And I doubt the code
to put / on FAT32 has made its way into Fedora.

By the way, it's customary to trim stuff like signatures. And I don't
want to be rude, but would seem
to apply.


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