clear yum cache

yordy ymedians at
Sat Dec 3 18:58:41 UTC 2005

I need to keep the packages that has been downloaded,
if I run yum clean packages it will delete all
packages in var/cache/yum...


 --- "Christofer C. Bell"
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> On 12/3/05, yordy <ymedians at> wrote:
> > Hi list...
> > I want to free up space in my computer clearing
> yum
> > cache for olders packages, I don't want to use yum
> > clean headers or yum clean packages because I
> don't
> > want to download any package update again. In my
> cache
> > I have, the same package but with different
> version,
> > how I can clean for older versions?
> You really should use yum clean packages.  It won't
> make you download
> anything again.  From the man page for yum(8):
>        The following are the ways which you can
> invoke yum in clean mode.
>        yum clean packages
>               Eliminate any cached packages from the
> system.  Note that  pack-
>               ages are not automatically deleted
> after they are downloaded.
> This means that it deletes the packages it's
> downloaded and installed
> on your machine.  It's a cache of what's been
> downloaded.  It won't
> download them again as they're already installed. 
> Only newer versions
> will be downloaded.
> Using yum clean headers will, however, force you to
> download all the
> header files again so if you're looking to avoid
> downloading things
> again, then avoid yum clean headers.
> As for a direct answer to your question about
> deleting only older
> packages from /var/cache/yum/*, you'll need to take
> care of that by
> hand.
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