clear yum cache

Schlaegel 777tahder at
Sat Dec 3 19:58:32 UTC 2005

On 12/3/05, Christofer C. Bell <christofer.c.bell at> wrote:
> You really should use yum clean packages.  It won't make you download
> anything again.
> This means that it deletes the packages it's downloaded and installed
> on your machine.  It's a cache of what's been downloaded.  It won't
> download them again as they're already installed.  Only newer versions
> will be downloaded.
> Using yum clean headers will, however, force you to download all the
> header files again so if you're looking to avoid downloading things
> again, then avoid yum clean headers.

I am in a similar situation. I use the same yum cache for two machines
and am on a very slow link, so I don't ever want to delete the most
recent version of a package. I also don't have a lot of extra disk
space, so I don't like to keep around multiple versions of every
I end up manually preening the cache by hand, which is far from ideal.
I haven't had the time or bravery to experiment with the built in
mechanism for cleaning the cache.

I look forward to anyone who knows some yum-fu to automate this.

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