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Sat Dec 3 22:25:58 UTC 2005

On Sat, Dec 03, 2005 at 02:08:27PM -0500, CodeHeads wrote:
> Hello all,
> Got a problem:
> I had a networked printer from linux to linux working. The print server 
> is running FC4 and the laptop was running FC4 also. I redid the laptop 
> to FC2. and now I am getting errors of "Unable to get printer status 
> Client-error-forbidden".
> What is the path supposed to be for CUPS on the FC2 machine? I have 
> tried the following:
> Server=IP	Path=/var/spool/lpo
> Server=IP	Path=/dev/usb/lp0
> Server=IP	Path=/var/spool/cups
> The printer is a HP OfficeJet 5500 series.  What I cannot understand is 
> I had it working when both machines where running FC4.  Could this be a 
> problem or is it permissions. Yes, the printer is shared. :)
> Thanks,
> ~WILL~
This is complicated for several reasons. Print sharing never really
worked on FC2 as it does on FC4.

Now the correct way (read the easiest way) to print through a server
from a client in FC4 is to define the printer on the FC4 server using
the CUPS web interface (localhost:631).
Then on the client do not define it as a cups printer at all but in
the file: /etc/cups/client.conf
Change the line:
to point at your print server.

In FC4 that is all you need to do to  print to the printer from the client
through the server, If the printer is defined in any way on the client
remove the definition. But be careful. Remove the definition of the
printer before you change the client.conf file because a definition of
the printer will appear on the client transferred from the server once
you have altered the client.conf file. Actually it may take 30
seconds to appear.

This is how it works under FC4. I have never tried this on an FC2
machine but it is worth a try.

If that does not work we can answer you original question once you
clear up where are you trying to set these addresses because none of
them look to useful to me. lp0 should certainly never appear network
printer definition.

Aaron Konstam
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