Help with crash Fedora Core 4

Steve Ringwald asric at
Sun Dec 4 01:29:49 UTC 2005

I had to do something like this yesterday myself after screwing up grub 
on my Centos box. You need to resetup grub is all.

Boot into the system using the fedora cd/dvd.

At the prompt, type "linux text expert" or "linux rescue" (without 
quotes, of course). I prefer the former, btw, and the rest of my 
instructions are flavoured that way.

When you get to the installer screens, do what you would normally do 
until you get to the part where it asks which partitioner you want to use.

Ctrl-F2 gets you to the prompt. My root partition is hda3 and my boot is 

% mkdir /target
% fsck -f /dev/hda1
% fsck -f /dev/hda3

When this completes, it means that the two partitions are in the best 
state they are going to be (assuming no errors....)

% mount /dev/hda3 /target
% mount /dev/hda1 /target/boot
% chroot /target

% /sbin/grub --no-floppy

 > grub root (hd0,0)
 > setup (hd0)
 > quit

% exit
% umount /target/boot
% umount /target

then hit ctrl-alt-del, eject the disk, and that should work.

Hope that this helps!

dan wrote:
> Howdy,
> I was installing Audacity  when I encountered a total lock-up failure. 
> After reboot, the only thing that comes up is GNU GRUB
> (grub>)  I tried to reinstall off of my original distro disks using 
> the upgrade mode because I have gobs of files that I presently can not 
> get to and I don't want to wipe the hard drive clean and start over 
> loosing all my data. When I try to do the reinstall/upgrade I get an 
> error message telling me that /usr/tmp is a directory and should be a 
> symbolic link I should return it to the state of a symbolic link and 
> restart the upgrade.
> Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated..

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