OpenOffice crashing randomly

Ambrogio fn050202 at
Sun Dec 4 08:27:11 UTC 2005

Il giorno lun, 21/11/2005 alle 11.37 -0700, Robin Laing ha scritto:
> Ambrogio wrote:
> > Il giorno sab, 12/11/2005 alle 16.58 +0200, Dotan Cohen ha scritto:
> > 

> I have seen crashes on the same document in 25 seconds and 3 hours. 
> Same machine, same document, same configuration.  It is random so your 
> test may or may not show the problem.
I know that is random, but I have a document that crashes everytime I go
up and down with mouse.
It do not crashes without spell check, and official version of
OpenOffice 2.0 (English).

But I think that the problem is in the localization module, because with
OOO from fedora repo, without the Italian module
( it works very well.
With the module installed and spell check disabled I see less crashes,
but I got the segmentation fault closing OOO.

I hope this is usefull.


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