OT: Multi-ISP :- Multi-Wan Broadband Router Appliance VS Multiple eth Linux routing

Sanjay Arora sanjay.k.arora at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 10:19:44 UTC 2005

Hi all

I need to use three 512 kbps aDSL internet connections, in a load-sharing,
link-failover scenario. Presently I am using Ipcop with a single DSL. Now, I
seem to have two options...one..an Edimax quad wan port adsl router, with
firewalling and NAT and second install a minimal linux distro for
routing...something on the lines of LARTC....and keep NATTING, IDS &
Firewalling on the linux box, so that I can manage IDS/IPS slowly as I learn
to do. However, I presently don't have the skill for a good LARTC multi-ISP

Therefore, I am thinking of getting the Edimax router, provided I can keep
the Natting, Firewalling & IDS at the Linux Gateway Server and giving over
the load-sharing & failover function to the Edimax quad port adsl router or
any other equipment suggested by the list (low budget please).

Will I be losing my functionality in firewalling & IDS, if I use such a
product? Or should I use a managed switch (not available less than 8 ports)
and connect three different adsl routers or use a multi-port ethernet card
and connect three different adsl routers...last two seem the same to me, as
I will have to implement some sort of LARTC/iproute2 functionality by hit &
trial and learning, while holding off the implementation.

Can someone please suggest a solution that can decrease the birthing pains
of this project ;-)

Can someone suggest a canned script on LARTC lines or similar that can
provide me load-sharing & link-failover facility, while I learn the subject,
just like IPcop did for Natting, firewalling & IDS, while I learned the
features. Haven't got to traffic-shaping as yet, but have tested a minimal
fedora with own iptables scripts.

Hope that this list will steer me in the right direction, like it always

With best regards.
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