moving /home

Claude Jones claude_jones at
Sun Dec 4 15:58:04 UTC 2005

On Sun December 4 2005 10:20 am, Paul F. Johnson wrote:
> #LABEL=/home             /home                   ext3    defaults
> 1 2
> /dev/hdb1               /home                   ext3    defaults
> 1 2
> (replace hdb1 with sda1)

Thanks for the response. I'm afraid you've gone over my head (not so hard). I 
did try to figure it out. 
man label didn't help
Where do I put in those settings you suggest above? Or better, where I can go 
and read up to learn what it is you are exactly suggesting? I don't really 
want to add my new drive to existing lvm's (someone else's suggestion) - my 
thinking is to make the new drive a stand-alone /home, which, if I understand 
things correctly, will make future upgrades/reinstalls a bit more manageable. 
Corrections to my thinking on these matters welcomed...  
Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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