kernel panic

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at
Sun Dec 4 16:50:39 UTC 2005

Gerhard Magnus writes:

> Does this refer to other processors on the same computer or on different
> machines on a network?

Same computer.

Note that Intel Xeon CPUs have two cores, which are two logical processors, 
so even if you have one physical CPU, the Fedora installer will install an 
SMP kernel.

> Could the smp kernel ran into some sort of synchronization problem with
> the other machines and now be "parametrically confused" about something?


> I'd like to either (1) reset it or (2) fix the update process so that
> the default is for non-smp kernels.  Thanks for any suggestions.

You need to post the messages that immediately precede the kernel panic.

The kernel may not be able to boot for a variety of reasons.  Post the 
preceding error messages in order to identify the reason for the failure.

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