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Anil Kumar Sharma xplusaks at
Sun Dec 4 17:12:59 UTC 2005

After reading the benefits of LVM, I opted for it and now I am at the verge
of regretting it.
LVM is for experienced people, we may just crash it, I have. If something
goes wrong (surely sooner or later) U will wait for help like me. Better use
ext3 format.

On 12/4/05, Claude Jones <claude_jones at > wrote:
> On Sun December 4 2005 10:20 am, Paul F. Johnson wrote:
> > #LABEL=/home /home ext3 defaults
> > 1 2
> > /dev/hdb1 /home ext3 defaults
> > 1 2
> >

     <- this is all on one line in /etc/fstab

> (replace hdb1 with sda1)
> Thanks for the response. I'm afraid you've gone over my head (not so
> hard). I
> did try to figure it out.
> man label didn't help

U haven't received benefit from reading about "Label", please give it one
more shot if time permits, it has long term implications (later usage).

Where do I put in those settings you suggest above? Or better, where I can
> go
> and read up to learn what it is you are exactly suggesting? I don't really
> want to add my new drive to existing lvm's (someone else's suggestion) -
> my
> thinking is to make the new drive a stand-alone /home, which, if I
> understand
> things correctly, will make future upgrades/reinstalls a bit more
> manageable.
> Corrections to my thinking on these matters welcomed...

 As things stand, what U intend to do are very basic, so it will be very
initial chapters of learning Linux; go to or<>
or google "getting started with linux". Better start learned. Default would
be to start with ext3 and do as suggested by Mr. Gliboa Davara.
Going to init one is two way
One , just type init one in a terminal
 Prepare, I suggest that U copy /etc/fstab to /etc/myfstab and edit it
in your fav editor,
In this line what U see as blanks U will have to give as tabs (AFAIR).
and here U have to very carefully "edit /etc/fstab",  save the file.
Move home files to new drive ----->  to /home from /home (including all
hidden files).
 Type what is in quotes at grub prompt if it comes for you,
"a 1<enter>" there is a blank before 1, else use method One
and do only
cd /etc
cp fstab fstab.bak
cp myfstab fstab    <overwrite> yes
"exit" when u are done and

PS:  Thread has expanded as I am writing, so pl read all !

Anil Kumar Shrama
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