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Claude Jones claude_jones at
Sun Dec 4 21:24:42 UTC 2005

On Sun December 4 2005 3:58 pm, Anil Kumar Sharma wrote:
> Slip-up on my part -
> To move file from /home (old) to /home (new) U need to temporarily mount
> the /dev/sda1 in the first place.
> $ su -
> password: *******
> # mkdir /mnt/my80gigHOME    ! this is a new folder in your old drive
> # mount -t ext3  /dev/sda1 /mnt/my80gigHOME
> # cd /mnt/my80gigHOME
> # mkdir /home   ! This is going to be your /home dir on 80 gig
> ! now transfer (copy) files from /home    to  /mnt/my80gigHOME/home
> including all hidden files.

Anil: Thanks for all the help - this is where my research was taking me, but 
your post helps my confidence that it would work. One last nail, er, I mean 
question. To copy the contents of /home to /mnt/my80gighome should this do 
the trick in terms of transferring all the attributes and links properly?

cp -pr /home /mnt/my80gighome

Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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