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Mehmet Fatih AKBULUT mfatihakbulut at
Mon Dec 5 02:35:15 UTC 2005

hi all.
why i cant use my mouse in FC1's konsole like other linux distributions ?
to be more clear;
when i select a line :

[root at localhost] -> [~]#ls
anaconda-ks.cfg  Desktop  kopete-0.10.3  qt-3.3.4-15.4.i386.rpm
[root at localhost] -> [~]#

let's say: 'qt-3.3.4-15.4.i386.rpm' i want to copy this when i press the
scrool button after selecting.
and in order to paste to another konsole or to another line i just want to
press the right button.
but i cant do this in FC1.
first i have to select the name then i have to press the right button then
click copy again when pasting the copied content i have to press right again
bla bla bla ...
is there a solution to this ?
to copy : just select the line and press scrool
to paste : just click the right button ?
help please ...
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