Help with crash Fedora Core 4

James Wilkinson fedora at
Mon Dec 5 13:11:32 UTC 2005

dan wrote:
> Thanks for the info. As I'm still a relative tin horn with Linux, What 
> are the commands to do the
> symbolic linking required if  /usr/tmp should be symbolically linked to 
> /var/tmp?

Couple of pieces of advice here:

 * You should have some way of making system backups anyway. If you have
   a CD or DVD writer, or a USB pen/disk, or something else on the local
   network, your first priority should be to get those important
   documents saved onto the backup medium!

   To do this, you might want to get a bootable Linux CD. I understand
   that Knoppix / Gnoppix and the Ubuntu boot CD are very polished these
   days, and should help you back up your system.

 * Check /usr/tmp is empty. If not, I'd move it to /usr/tmp2 and check
   it out later:

   ls -a /usr/tmp
   mv /usr/tmp /usr/tmp2

   Then create a symlink like this

   ln -s ../var/tmp tmp

Hope this helps,


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