FC4 - KVM mouse needing reset

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Mon Dec 5 14:38:19 UTC 2005

Tim wrote:

>> I've seen nothing that will stop a mouse going berserk, other than
>> ripping out the lead, hopefully before the random whizzing about and
>> clicking on things kills something off.  If you just leave it and wait,
>> you stand a good chance of something getting deleted off the desktop.
Edward Dekkers:

> Just a quick note on that - as nobody's mentioned it before.
> I realise the Fedora box cannot be rebooted as you've mentioned.
> However.
> In the past I have had some luck with this particular problem just by 
> restarting the X session (Ctrl-Alt-Backspace).
> In my case it seemed to reset the mouse.
> You may want to try?

Which preclude the notion of not breaking up something that you're
doing.  You might well be in the middle of unsaved work, and you don't
want to break any programs.  Because the mouse has gone nuts, you've
lost keyboard control of your program (i.e. you can't CTRL S to save
files).  Ripping the cord out is preferable to rebooting or restarting

There is definitely something screwy with how Linux handles mice.
Different mice, different motherboards, all of which work fine with
other OSs exhibit this fault.  At times you might only touch your mouse
enough to move a couple of pixels worth on your screen, but it will race
wildly about.

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