Automatic email relay agent?

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Mon Dec 5 16:05:52 UTC 2005

At 8:55 AM -0600 12/5/05, Hongwei Li wrote:
>> I feared that would be the case.
>> I would move anti-virus testing from clients to the mail server - at
>> least for outgoing mail and especially for those roaming users. Let them
>> switch off outbound mail checking by Norton Antivirus and on your
>> Sendmail mail server install clamav-milter to let it check for virus'.
>> Another good idea is to kick and ban such horrible software like OE.
>> There are much better 'free' alternates like Thunderbird.
>> Alexander
>Thanks for all of your help and suggestion!  My linux server has clamav
>installed and it works well.  However, some users still prefer their local
>antivirus agent.  Probably, that is the case and what I can do.

They have 3 reasonable choices:

1) Use your recommended method, and be able to send mail.

2) Stick with Norton, and be unable to send mail.

3) Replace Norton with something that isn't dangerous crap.

They should do option 3 even if they chose option 1 above.  Norton anything
on any platform has always been dangerous crap.  If you maintain their
systems, you should replace Norton in self-defense.  Using /anything/ else
will save you work.
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