Getting a text file rid of all superfluous blank lines

Welty, Richard richard.welty at
Mon Dec 5 22:11:41 UTC 2005

Les Mikesell wrote:
>And in contrast I can't think of much of anything reusable
>I've learned about GUI procedures. It's like starting from
>scratch with every new program and context.

you may wish to look at your approach, then. when i first
started java programming, i didn't tend to get much reusability
out of my GUI components. much learning and reading later, i now
get very good reusability, but it required getting my head 
reoriented a bit to accomplish it. i think this is generally true
of development in IDE contexts; we tend to fall into traps
and develop in a backwards manner that kills reusability and
modularity. usually this happens because we start throwing
GUI widgets at the IDE screen before we've put any effort into
thinking about how the program really ought to be structured.


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