Anyone have Citrix ICAClient working?

Craig Preston c.preston at
Mon Dec 5 23:26:19 UTC 2005

I have version 9.0 working fine. Downloaded the RPM from the citrix site
and installed that. Use Citrix a lot for work and this one has caused me
no problems.


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> I had it working on FC3 for Campus Management. IIRC, only the source 
> build from Citrix worked. By the way, the whole concept sucks if you 
> ask me. It seems to be, essentially, ponderous RDP.

Actually, I've made progress... it seems ICAClient 7.17 will run on FC4
just fine, but the 9.0 versions won't. I don't know why.

I'm trying to set it up to access an externally hosted software package
(Accpac). I don't care what protocol is used as long as it works...

- Mike

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