USB audio question - fixed

Gerhard Magnus magnus at
Tue Dec 6 00:25:33 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-12-05 at 14:46 -0800, Gerhard Magnus wrote:
> I've recently acquired a USB audio device which is supposed to work with
> linux kernels 2.4 and above (I'm running  When I plug it into
> the USB port and reboot, the device shows up correctly on the current
> mixer list of KMix as "stereo-link 1200 USB DAC" with sliders for bass,
> treble, and PCM, which indicates that the system at least knows that the
> unit exists.  But it's all plug and no play -- I'm not getting any sound
> out of the unit and its LED indicator for USB input remains unlit.
> This seems to imply I need to turn on (or toggle?) the USB sound
> somewhere in Fedora -- when I play anything the music still comes out of
> the speakers connected to my soundcard.  Any suggestions?  
Limping along as usual, I think I fixed this.  The "stereo-link 1200 USB
DAC" now shows up on the "soundcard detection" widget, where I've set
"SL1200 DAC" as the primary audio device.  This was the toggle I was
looking for.

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