CD Printer

Peter Arremann loony at
Tue Dec 6 05:21:51 UTC 2005


I've been trying to track down both software and hardware to print nice 
looking CD labels directly onto the medium using Linux. A friend of mine is 
running a Epson R340 with the bundled windows software and it looks really 
great - much better than the paper labels most people use. 

The hardware side is the first dead end. The printer needs to double as a 
regular letter sized desktop printer. Unfortunately the R[23]x0 printers are 
all only partially supported according to everything I read on and others. HP doesn't seem to make a model that does cd 
printing. Neither does canon. 

The software is the second issue. GLabel looks good but how will it play 
together with the printer? I guess I'd then go through the template designer 
and then its trial and error from there... ?

Any help is appreciated,


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