Nasty spam challenges

Chris Wright linux-list at
Tue Dec 6 14:18:21 UTC 2005


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> Hi list
> I was wondering since there is still someone from who 
> wants us to reply to a challenge response kinda thing to rule 
> out spam.
> I absolutally refuse to participate on this kind of stuff 
> since they signed up to a mailing list, they shouldn't bother 
> everyone on the list with these kind of things.
> Could we maybe like mass mail to that address telling him to 
> stop doing that?
> Or has anyone got another idea, instead of *us* having to 
> adapt to him?  Seems a bit over the top to me that we should 
> create a filter because he is anoying.
> Maybe just kick him of the list altogheter?

I don't get to see any of these mails that you lot all talk about.
Why is it that some of us on the list get them, and some don't.  I can't see
why it would be selective, and I don't hae any filtering stopping them
getting to me either.



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