broadcom 43xx reversed engineered

Josh Coffman josh_coffman at
Tue Dec 6 18:25:10 UTC 2005

> Since softmac did not build on my box isn't it a
> waste of
> time to explain how to make it fail on other boxes
> too?
> This is highly experimental stuff and if you have no
> idea
> how to even build it than I think you are way out of
> your
> league here...
> Quick and dirty way of building it:
> 0) read all the docs in the softmac and bcm43xx dirs
> 1) go into the softmac source and type make
> 2) if it actually builds type make install
> 3) go into the driver dir of bcm43xx and type make
> 4) if it actually builds type make install
> 5) read the README's or other docs what to do next
> A better option is prolly to explore ndiswrapper.
> Google is
> your friend.
> Regards,
> Patrick

I've got ndiswrapper working perfectly. built from
source, btw.
I get a directory does not exist error trying to make
the softmac source. I'm not sure if I have the current
kernel-devel, which I need.

i'll either figure it out or decide to wait for
someone else.

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