Nasty spam challenges

Michael Wright michael_wright at
Wed Dec 7 12:08:29 UTC 2005

I woul have to agree the Spamm is getting quite large with the AOL BR mail, 
i sean a couple come in today with .br and i belive that they hhave trojans 
on there systems if you open there e-mails they can come via back door 
hacker it has happen to me on the list and it cost me like 280 for my pc to 
get fix and to tight down the server witch i was nt happy about i lost all 
my backend scripts from his person using .br -mail..
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>> > Hi list
>> >
>> > I was wondering since there is still someone from
>> who wants us
>> > to reply to a challenge response kinda thing to rule out spam.
>> >
>> > I absolutally refuse to participate on this kind of stuff
>> since they
>> > signed up to a mailing list, they shouldn't bother everyone on the
>> > list with these kind of things.
>> >
>> > Could we maybe like mass mail to that address telling him to stop
>> > doing that?
>> >
>> > Or has anyone got another idea, instead of *us* having to adapt to
>> > him?  Seems a bit over the top to me that we should create a filter
>> > because he is anoying.
>> >
>> > Maybe just kick him of the list altogheter?
>> >
>> I don't get to see any of these mails that you lot all talk about.
>> Why is it that some of us on the list get them, and some
>> don't.  I can't see why it would be selective, and I don't
>> hae any filtering stopping them getting to me either.
> Ok, I guess I don't post many questions to the list, and I just got the 
> BR mail in response to my post above.
> I can see how annoying that is, but at least my spam trap picked it up.
> What annoyed me the other day was I sent a legitamate email to someone on
> AOL, and they rejected it with the reason that the person who sent it (me)
> was a reporter of SPAM via SPAMCOP
> Chris
> (Now waiting for the next AOL BR mail)
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