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Wed Dec 7 14:14:08 UTC 2005

On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 01:03:42PM +0000, Neil Marjoram wrote:
> I have a small problem with sendmail.
> I have a number of students working on the configuration of some Fedora 
> systems as part of an MSc course we run. One of them has an interesting 
> problem I can't fathom out at all. When he sends a mail meesage to a 
> local user he has created sendmail returns the error dsn=5.1.1, 
> stat=User unknown. (we use command line mail to send the email) When I 
> create a user on the same box and send a mail there is no problem. I am 
> not sure how the student  created the user but I think it was with a 
> command like this : useradd -c 'works clerk--Jenny Rawring' -d 
> /workspace/home/Jenny/Jenny -s /bin/bash Jenny.
> You can su to the user, login from outside and send a mail from the user 
> to root, I can't find anything in the passwd etc. files that looks out 
> of place.
> Does anyone know anything I may have missed.
> Many thanks,
> Neil.
Well this is probably irrelevant and it may be a typo in your message
but your student did not create a user with command above:
useradd -c 'works clerk--Jenny Rawring' -d /workspace/home/Jenny/Jenny  -s
/bin/bash Jenny

In order to do that the directory: /workspace/home/Jenny 
would have to already exist, which I doubt.

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