xmms mp3 freeze

Anil Kumar Sharma xplusaks at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 15:38:15 UTC 2005

Yes and more,
but u didn't ask for what is given below!
anyways use it, if ur prob has remained unresolved in past 5 hours,
First, rename .xmms in ur home dir (don't delete it)
Two, Start xmms but do not play anything before all setting are made in
Three, do ctrl+p on xmms, [tab, Audio I/O plugin] select output, (I go with
alsa) -> select Audio Device I f U got one audio card in ur box default may
work else try other available options therein. Generally a restart is not
required but try this if necessary.
Four, [Tab, Effects - General - Visu plugins] disable every thing to start
Five, load one good mp3 file (playing outside xmms), check that file has
extension .mp3 (though not a must).
Six Good luck & play now.
Ur preserved .xmms is original and Pl go back to it, if U have to.

This all is with assumptions that
  - in the first place U did installation as guided in fedorafaq.org (they
do a good job !! !! !! <- applause  ) and
  - there are no unresolved deps. check if necessary (how is a diff ?)

On 12/7/05, hicham <hichamlinux at gmail.com > wrote:
> Hello
> I've install xmms xmms-mp3 as described in fedorafaq.org
> xmms freezes when playin mp3, any one went thru this ?

Anil Kumar Shrama
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