Problem with Terminal

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Wed Dec 7 16:25:35 UTC 2005

At 4:53 PM +1000 12/7/05, Michael Wright wrote:
>I'm using  FEDORA-CORE 4 GOME Terminal i type my root password but the it
>saids Command can not be found? it seams to be disabled for some reason.I
>was going to ring my tech today but never had the time. I wanted to start
>the cpanl download there could be two reason why i can conect boardband mite
>be down all my tech has installed it wrong. when he did the boot disc not

If you're using gnome-terminal you are already logged in.

You didn't say what command you typed.  I guess you just typed a password,
and it is now stored in your bash history file.
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