FC5 recomendations

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at redhat.com
Wed Dec 7 16:36:22 UTC 2005

Josh Coffman wrote:

>Someone on another list said he installed FC5 Test1
>and it looks really good. So now I'm really feeling
>like checking it out.
>What's the best way to get it? Should I try fc5-test1,
>fc5-development, or wait for fc5-test2? SHould I
>upgrade or install fresh?
>This will be on my laptop, and will have to replace
>fc4 cause I don't have room for another OS partition.
>It needs to be good enough  for my kids to play
>supertux and use firefox without me around to babysit
>the system.
The test and development release may provide enough robustness for you 
to do this you cannot rely on it.  It is meant for enthusiasts and 
testers to provide feedback and bug reports.  Avoid installing these 
releases on any system that rely on for regular usage.

read the announcement details and relevant links and release notes in 


Here is a draft guide to help you through the process


Make sure you  subscribe to the fedora-test list and read the recent 
archives for other useful information. Post there if you need any 
further help.



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