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Thomas Springer th.springer at
Thu Dec 8 02:45:01 UTC 2005

Am Donnerstag, den 08.12.2005, 00:46 +0000 schrieb Paul Smith:

> By the way, if one wants to use lame to get in format wav all mp3
> files in a directory, what should one do?

Though this isn't advanced shell scripting it should what you aked for.
Get an idea on how to use bash. Others use /python/perl/...

>>> Put it in a file
>>> Move file into your path, e.g ~/bin
>>> Chmod u+x

#! /bin/sh


cd $1 || exit 1

for file in *.mp3
    wavfile=`echo $file | sed -e "s/mp3/wav/g"`
    echo $"Converting $file ..."
    lame $file $wavfile
    echo $"Done"
    let "number += 1"

echo $"$number file(s) converted"

exit 0

$ $/path/to/dir$

Have fun.


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