libselinx-devel: Needed for vim?

alan alan at
Thu Dec 8 02:59:37 UTC 2005

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Bill Rees wrote:

>     I downloaded the vim source code in fc 4 and behold.  It requires 
> libselinux-devel sources in order to compile but I cannot find that srpm 
> on  I can find libselinux itself which I'm 
> tyring now to see if that will work but I'll have to dummy up a .pc file 
> to satisfy the configure script.  Would someone clue me in on where 
> libselinux-devel.srpm lives?

In libselinux's srpm.  It is a subpackage.

#/sbin/fsck /dev/brain
Errors found. Cannot continue. Please run fsck manually without -A option.
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