FC3/FC4 on 64-bit laptops

James Wilkinson fedora at westexe.demon.co.uk
Thu Dec 8 07:53:41 UTC 2005

Peter Arremann wrote:
> There are no ia64 laptops. None of the current PentiumM support 64bit. 
> P4-M also do not support AMD64. That leaves the intel side with nothing but 
> laptops built around desktop cpus. Not a config that I can recommend - too 
> hot to keep on your lap and battery lasts for like an hour. 

To clarify (since I don't think anyone else has):

IA64 means Itanium. Hot, large, *very* expensive, aimed at servers and
workstations, and taking a *totally* different approach to encoding
programs (and hence software compatibility). There is no IA64 port of
Fedora (apart from the one called "Red Hat Enterprise Linux"...)

Intel has variously called their version of AMD64 "IA32e" and "EM64T".

Hope this helps,


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